How to install DIGITS

DIGITS is only officially supported on Ubuntu 14.04. However, DIGITS has been successfully used on other Linux variants as well as on OSX.

While the official documentation states CUDA and cuDNN as prerequisites, one can easily get things done without the same. Make sure you have Caffe installed from the Nvidia fork of Caffe. For installation instructions, follow this.

Grab the source

$> cd $HOME
$> git clone digits

Throughout the docs, we’ll refer to your install location as DIGITS_HOME ($HOME/digits in this case), though you don’t need to actually set that environment variable.

You may be tempted to install the requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt. Use the loop statement below to install the packages in order and avoid errors.

$> for req in $(cat requirements.txt); do pip install $req; done

If you want to install these packages without using a virtual environment, replace “pip install” with “sudo pip install”.

DIGITS uses graphviz to visualize network architectures. You can safely skip this step if you don’t want the feature.

$> sudo apt-get install graphviz

Set Environment Variables

Make sure you set the CAFFE_HOME variable before deploying the DIGITS server.

$> export CAFFE_HOME=<caffe-home>

Where <caffe-home> is the absolute path to the directory where caffe is installed (one which you cloned from GitHub).

Starting the server

You can run DIGITS in two ways:

Development mode

% ./digits-devserver

Starts a development server that listens on port 5000 (but you can change the port if you like – try running it with the –help flag).

Then, you can view your server at http://localhost:5000/.

Production mode

% ./digits-server

Starts a production server (gunicorn) that listens on port 8080 (http://localhost:8080). If you get any errors about an invalid configuration, use the development server first to set your configuration.

If you have installed the to your nginx sites-enabled/ directory, then you can view your app at http://localhost/.


Check out the Getting Started page.


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